wizards tell lies

Tripped over this by sheer accident, a happy occurrence I’d say given it reunites our listening space with the ominous ghost lands of Wizards Tell Lies. Indeed its been a while, one or other Mr Bower AKA WTL was a constant fixture in these musing and with good reason, for his sound world drew darkly from the fleeting visions seen momentarily from out of the corner of the eye’s line of vision, an ominous foretelling from a hitherto secret alternate time line shrouded in the twilight fog. Billed as a work in progress, ‘Untitled 14072018A’ is a return to classic old school Wizards scare fodder, here looms detachment and isolation, a waking nightmare stilled and chilled in spectral paranoia and framed to the ticking tock of an end game clock, for references see Biosphere’s ‘phantasm’ reimagined by a youthful sinister spy theme obsessing Gnac. https://soundcloud.com/wizards-tell-lies/untitled-14072018a

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