We do love unsolicited packages / releases especially when the sounds within have an alluring and kooky charm as is the case with this three track CD entitled ‘arranged marriage’ by L. Valerie. With two previously EP releases on bleeding gold records, this outing arrives described by its author as ‘stumbling into adulthood’. Minimalist electronics, wonky sound structures possessed of a quirky charm, L Valerie appears to defy easy categorization for here irregular seems to be the by word to describe her skewed creativity, eked with a disarming lightheaded dizziness, these seemingly off the cuff cuties coo, contort and crookedly flutter with a distractive out of step oddness, ‘Green I’ particularly revealing a particular affection for Azalia Snail as it sunnily shimmers to a delightfully breezy exotic / bossa nova phrasing pressed upon a looping and kooky bass motif. ‘Moonward’ on the other hand, barking and gloopy as it is subtly masks a kind of oddball soulfulness that wouldn’t look to out of place sitting on Cherry Red’s legendary ‘Pillows and Prayers’ compilation. All said, on a personal level our favourite track of the set, opener ‘Aperture’, is so wonderfully gloopy and dizzily out of sync, its kissed with a desirably disjointed and playful funk-tronic wrapping that aside hinting of Hologram Teen might, had you not known, been mistaken for something that had fallen from a Peel playlist c.80 / 81. https://bleedinggoldrecords.bandcamp.com/album/bg118-arranged-marriage  


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