just while your busily catching your breath, last up for this brief WIAIWYA visit, something very special that pits both Mr Gedge’s Wedding Present and Cinerama on opposite sides of a killer cover set. Alas, again sold out of its physical pressings and again no sound links for the Weddoes take on the Clash’s ‘white riot’. Still, you get to hear Cinerama setting their minds to Abba’s ‘the name of the game’. In truth, along with ‘the day before you came’, always the choice of mine when push come to shove naming a favourite Abba track, why someone hasn’t as yet, thought of inviting along a parade of riff slinging indie folk to rephrase and remodel their back catalogue anew is beyond me. And so back to Cinerama, as is typical of Gedge ‘the name of the game’ provides for a perfect fit as he breathes life anew to this lost classic stripping it down to its barest elements and restraining the originals uncertain timid and souring melancholia and spiriting it with a warming vulnerability and intimacy. One to add to that prized ‘hit parade’ stash.   

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