This ‘un fair caught us on the back foot, new from Rattle from an incoming full length ‘sequence’ for upset the rhythm, this is the hypnotic ‘signal’. A female duo based in Nottingham utilizing just drums and voices, okay it mightn’t sound at first like the most urgent thing in the world that you need to be listening to right now, but believe you me this works on some many levels it makes your head spin. Tracing a bloodline back to the Slits, the Creatures and perhaps most surprisingly, … and the native hipsters, Rattle despite or should that be, in spite of their disciplined though limited and confined instrumental reliance, weave a deeply mesmeric musical web of earth beat hypnotics which ought first hand, appeal to those much admiring of the foolproof projects and blue tapes imprints. At once primitive and primal, there’s a sense of something deeply pre-natural and lost to time about ‘signal’ its deceptive and sparse post punk acuteness and tribal patterns forging an alluring cocoon of lost in the moment entrancement.


The duo take up tour duties as follows ……

Saturday 13th October at Forever Records, Nottingham. 3.33pm. Sequence playback as part of BBC Radio 6 National Album Day

Saturday 20th October at Oslo, London supporting Hot Snakes

Saturday 27th October at Dubrek Studios, Derby with Unit Ama

Tuesday 6th November at Chameleon, Nottingham with Duds and Cai Burns

23/11 – Toronto, ON @ Lee’s Palace w/ Protomartyr + Preoccupations

24/11 – Ottawa, ON @ 27 Club w/ Protomartyr + Preoccupations

26/11 – Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall w/ Protomartyr + Preoccupations

28/11 – Brooklyn, NY @ Warsaw w/ Protomartyr + Preoccupations

29/11 – Washington, DC @ Union Stage w/ Protomartyr + Preoccupations

30/11 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Foundry w/ Protomartyr + Preoccupations

01/12 – Columbus, OH @ The Basement w/ Protomartyr + Preoccupations

03/12 – Buffalo, NY @ Mohawk Place w/ Protomartyr + Preoccupations

04/12 – Ann Arbor, MI @ Blind Pig w/ Protomartyr + Preoccupations

06/12 – Chicago, IL @ Thalia Hall w/ Protomartyr + Preoccupations

07/12 – Omaha, NE @ Waiting Room w/ Protomartyr + Preoccupations

08/12 – Kansas City, MO @ Record Bar w/ Protomartyr + Preoccupations

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