the heartwood institute

Across these fine green lands, when all is asleep and the moon lights the land in a twisted configuration of shadows; the trees, the pastures and the rolling fields unlock their secrets and pour forth their memories held within to assume their roles serving as a hidden portal of yesterday’s long gone. Those of fortune might see just out of clear sight the spirits of a lost Britain rise, join arms and patrol these shadowy lands on a nightly basis before the onset of twilight spirits them away to rest. ‘Barsham Faire’ is their sound, their standard, their calling. Imminent on Polytechnic Youth in an edition of 99 numbered lathe cuts, this is the latest from the Heartwood Institute, a spirit walking ghost light where regal cascades march in the twilight apertures stationed between dream and reality to shimmer jubilantly in all their arcane folk finery. Over on the flip looms the ever darkening ‘third eye’, assumed of a subtle menace, this sinister isolationist creeper stirs with shadowy radiance, a psychotronic happening gloomed in the eerie, hints of a youthful Wizards Tell Lies bedevil its pulsing visitation though with an alternative ear, this may be the utterings of a waking ancient darkness.

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