echo ladies

Alas no sound links on this one. Another bliss kissing gem from the uber cool Sonic Cathedral imprint, this one an incoming 7 inch pressed on silver and orange wax variations by the Echo Ladies due to seduce sometime next month. The twin track features a reworking of ‘overrated’ – a track initially appearing on last year’s debuting ‘pink noise’ full length by Robin Guthrie. In truth the original mix was none too shabby in its own right, raining down all manner of effervescent radiance courtesy of the church like hulking shimmer toned crystalline bliss washes that flanked its framing, very Chapterhouse it has to be said. With Guthrie on board, those chiming celestials are concentrated and phased through the Cocteau-ian  eye and dispatched through the other side as a surrendering and sighing vapour glazed love note with its arrest factor off the radar. Over on the flip, a demurring and understated cover of Bowie’s ‘Rebel Rebel’ found here removed of its glam tang and with its smouldered sights calibrated to swoon setting whilst disarmingly brushed with a dream pop draped purr. Irresistible by our reckoning.  

 of ‘rebel rebel’      with its lasered sights set to swoon

The band are set to embark on a short tour in support of the release ….

November 8 – Dublin, East Side Tavern

November 9 – Limerick, Kasbah Social Club

November 10 – Stockton, The Gathering Sounds festival

November 14 – London, The Lexington (supporting TVAM)

November 15 – Brighton, Green Door Store (supporting TVAM)

November 16 – Reading, Oakford Social Club

November 18 – Glasgow, Broadcast

November 19 – Manchester, YES (supporting The Holydrug Couple)

November 20 – Newcastle, Think Tank? Underground

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