Many thanks to Perrache for sending over this one, something of an unexpected treat, a cassette through the taping desk o-phon mania imprint, who I’m certain are based in Germany, a label who in the past have had the knack of sneaking out essential releases by Ma Cherie for Painting among others. Anyhow this particular release entitled ‘’une cassette comme les autres’ arrives in a limited edition of just 50 copies – ours being #35 in case you are taking notes, which came accompanied by a hand written note from Perrache giving us brief details about the release and highlighting the fact he’ll be appearing on an end of year slated for release compilation from Polytechnic Youth provisionally entitled ‘popcorn lung’. Meanwhile, back to the cassette, seven tracks lurk within whose tapestry is woven in the fineries of minimalist analogue electronics all pressed with a staple sound drawn in the main from a nostalgic fondness for sci-fi treatments, darkly psychotropic soundtracks and star lit cosmic waltzes. ‘Chien de Loup’ opens proceedings and provides for a slice of pristinely treated Radiophonic Workshop groove as were composed for some alien life hostile for a lost 60’s Dr Who storyline. In sharp contrast tendered in sparsened tonalities, ‘tone survey mo 1 in C maj.’ Is awash in snoozing modulations as though the underside hidey hole of a sleeping console of a hulking extra-terrestrial cruiser whirring and purring at rest. ‘Lullabye #3’ – as you’d imagine by the title, a murmuring lunar orphan silently patrolling an orbital trajectory somewhere deep in the galactic voids transmitting lilting crystal kissed love notes across the cosmic wastelands, a tad hypnotic and almost church like in its chamber electronic refrain and delicately disarming and sorrowed with it, much like a thawing bruised ISAN. Adorable. The wayward ‘bon vent! (muse en ablime)’ opens up Side B of the cassette, incidentally the decidedly darker half of proceedings, to what sounds like the whirr of a power drill or at the very least a struggling mixer, in truth the sounds are frying frequency modulations atop an ornately charming flutterby key motif, it’s all serves to create a very irregular and deceptively disorientating listening experience. The dystopic ‘copy rights everywhere’ does little to ease up on the edginess, much like the work of the Revenant Sea, its somewhat industrial toning casts a glooming portent, its pulsing siren call glowering amidst an end game fall to flatline with dread consequence. Elsewhere, the dark psychedelic hypno-groove that is the menacing of ‘for all the fucked up adults in the world’ assumes the persona of a seismic and brooding leviathan silently prowling the celestial backwaters. All said, as with Side A’s closer, best moment is left to the sets finale, the cosmic hive mind that is ‘chien de loop’ – here revisited and rewired into a multi coloured spiraling mind arranging dream machine of looping psychedelic dissipates and tripping dissolves which as a reference marker calls to mind some kosmische face off happened upon by a meeting of minds between Fuxa and a 90’s era Sonic Boom, absolute bliss. and       

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