Absolutely no information on this one, sent over by Mat of Woodford Halse, this two track mysterio is being prepped as the labels next release following the excellent debuting ‘undulating waters’ brace of cassettes. From Klaudyna a delightful twin set featuring two cuts ‘insomnia’ and ‘untitled’ both of which should comfortable position themselves in a listening space littered liberally with platters from peripheral minimal, polytechnic youth, castles in space and the likes. Channeling a chill wave neutrality that hints of the Client under the minimalist influence of a first generation variant of the Human League, ‘Insomnia’ arrives with a 1980 time coding, sparse and spectral though desirably cut at its core with an understated bedroom wave monochrome beauty which just my slyly sneak into your listening consciousness making a late bid for one of the tracks of the year. Over on the flip, the previously advertised ‘untitled’ provides for a more dislocated setting, applied with some impishly off centered analogue funk trickery, this looping primal technoid is the sound of hard wired electro-set happenings of a by dark waking kitchen appliances cutting shapes to their own mutant Studio 54 groove, peculiarly perfect. https://woodfordhalse.bandcamp.com/   

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