WIAIWYA / Gare du Nord sampler…

Literally just dropped in our in box, what looks from we’ve heard so far, a killer split sampler pitching the talents to be found on the Fare du Nord and WIAIWYA imprints all bundled up as a limited edition 14 track CD set entitled ‘this concerns everyone’. No favouritism here, we’ve opted to run the critical rule over 3 previously unknown to us folk from the available seven tracks currently being showcased on the band camp page first up of which to the inspection plate are Famous Problems’ whose hip shimmying ‘every girl’ sumptuously tunes itself into the alternative lo-fi scene of the early 90’s managing to capture the tail wind of Teenage Fanclub and more obviously Velvet Crush. As though stepping out of a mid 90’s indie jangle strum scene whilst similarly sparked and possessed of a subtle nod to 90’s nearly folk Moviola, the Soft Parade and the Dylans, Whoa Melodic’s ‘disappointed pessimist’ has a strangely attracting ear candy tang that quietly kick s like a mule all blessed with a chorus line that has a deceptively understated wallop. Edging it just, in the affection stakes, Red Red Eyes serve up the homely haloed ‘Theorematic’, a snow flaked Winter-esque cutie radiantly adored and aglow in twinkling campfire hymnals and the arrest of beguiling braids of celebratory folk spectrals and is that a Theremin we hear woozily weaving a disarming web of weird magic land fineries, irresistible. https://wiaiwya.bandcamp.com/album/this-concerns-everyone  

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