thomas leer / robert rental

Latest issue of the ever engaging Electronic Sound has literally just dropped through the letter box, alas no time to read it just yet, but treats in store include the usual selection of electronic related releases alongside spots / features / interviews with John Carpenter, Gazelle Twin, Terry Riley, Youth and the clearly ahead of the curve, pop alchemists Pop Will Eat Itself as well as an extended piece on the development of late 70’s / early 80’s DIY / bedroom experimentation. Those of you subscribing to the magazine also get a freebie 7 inch featuring tracks by Thomas Leer and Robert Rental pitched on opposing sides of the wax. The Leer cut ‘splash momentum’ comes culled from his most recent set ‘reaching never quite’. Smoothly toned and expansively crafted, there’s something lost about ‘splash momentum’ that initially much recalls a bruised Plaid, a nocturnal nomad, more so a sorrowed orphan silently searching for that that cannot be found, a morose beauty pierced with a deeply emotional tug, approach with due care. As to the Robert Rental track, a rarity rescued from his archive of lost home recording entitled ‘the waltz of the Fatman’, as noted previously, a track pulled from his recently unearthed vault of unreleased recordings, is best described as a fractured and ghostly fairground eerie, something which might appeal to those admiring of the Assembled Minds, its simplicity rooted to a looping grainy motif harvests a day dream Radiophonic radiance that’s sound wise, none too out of place amid a retro scene creeped in isolationism and broken child like lullabies.  

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