alejandro morse

Latest to the Sleep Fuse sound stable, a label whom I’m suspecting we’ve been neglecting of late, is a 3 track mini CD from Mexican based sound artist Alejandro Morse entitled ‘clearlight void’. Just thirty of these folk around so you’d better get your backsides into gear in grabbing one, and grabbing one you ought because this selection free wheels into the same terrains explored with a regarded regularity by both the Eilean and sound in silence imprints. These ambient  whispers come charmed in a crystal tipped glitch serene, lead track ‘clearlight’ particularly calling to our earlobes rooted as it is, in quietly stilled and frosted lulls that imagine snow kissed hibernation scenes softly thawing to life, it’s all disarmingly cosy, intimate and deeply snoozed if not a little minimal and dare I say, beguiling.

Staying with Sleep Fuse a second longer, the label have a subscribers club, membership so far has exceeded half of the places – the details – well we’ll leave that to the label to take up …….

…. The subscription series ….consists of one release each month for six months ending with a seventh cd, which will be a bonus disc. You also get an exclusive Sleep FUSE subscription badge. he subscription began in august and is available to 25 subscribers only. The artists contributing to this series are as follows :

Septimus Keen


Regional Idents (DCW Briggs)

Future Disguises with So There

The Heartwood Institute

David Colohan

Electronic Meditation Program (Bonus Disc)

Cost as follows :

UK = £42.00

Europe = £50.00 GBP

USA & ROW = £53.00 GBP


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