you might well recall us falling over selves much adoring of a split lathe release that paired together on opposite sides of wax, the talents of Dean McPhee and Seabuckthorn via Sonido Polifonico a little while back, last year to be a bit more precise. Well rambling around band camp as you do, we stumbled across a full length by Seabuckthorn released earlier in the year titled ‘a house with too much fire’. Alas, time constraints pressing, we’ve scarcely had space to listen straight through, though a brief peak did unearth the gem like ‘submerged past’. Would I be right in saying that this particular track very much traces its lineage to the dusty plains of a Spaghetti western past, there’s certainly a sun falling spirit of the mid-west coiling through its intricate and expressively spun tapestry, an old ways classicism moored upon a coolly laid back vista grazed and pot marked by a sultry yet ghostly Godspeed meets Grails like portent weaved and indelibly fixed with a desert dry hollowing, admirers of Ry Cooder are advised to see out.  

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