sound and fury

I’m suspecting that should you want one, let’s face you will, that you should be able to nab a copy of this killer 7 inch from Sound and Fury with a little resource and inventiveness. This lot hail from Chengdu in China, a territory of the world I’m sad to say, we rarely get a lot of stuff from passing by our listening desk. That said, a little rummage around band camp earlier today upturned this and something else a little special from the same locale which we’ll mention in a second. Anyhow, back to Sound and Fury, a dream draped quartet found here sporting a spiffing twin set pairing together the tracks ‘coming down’ and ‘heaven song’. There’s no denying that the lasting spell of My Bloody Valentine’s ‘loveless’ is in full play adoring the grooves of ‘heaven song’, the swooning riff reverbs crystal cut to the sweetly sighed feline coos evoke the spirit of a vapour hazed and reclining Lush. That said, ‘coming down’ provides the main draw here, all bliss driven sonic sun bursts curiously haloed in tear stained dapples of forlorn melancholia, utterly disarming.

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