perfect body

More Welsh whipper snappers, this be Perfect Body with a debuting self titled EP coming through the bubblewrap collective. A three track affair that pitches itself on the shoegaze axis or so it would seem to be the case courtesy of opener ‘getting cold’, for this honey glazed vapour trailer had us imagining some secret studio dalliance between Electrelane and a bliss beguiled Melys all phrased and fixed amid the alluring surge of crystalline feedback hazes and kissed with a sweetly teased bruising as though it had fell from the early 90’s. just edging matters in the affection stakes, the arresting shimmer strummed ‘fields’ offers a more mellowed and dreamy alternative, cavernous riff ripples, celestial swathes and the festooning of demurring star spun spectral signatures adore it with a mercurial murmuring peeled from classic Church platters. ‘tribe of mine’ wraps up matters and with it is hit up with a strut cooled sonic palette much reminiscent of a pre Oasis Creation collective.

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