negative response

I must admit to this being one of the chirpier cuts from an excellent set issued through Medical Records entitled ‘oblique angles’. By Negative Response, the collection has gathered and remastered a choice picking of tracks originally found on the groups three self-released cassettes from the early 80’s.. the press release makes reference to John Bender, a good call, yet amid these grooves lurks a positive plethora of kindred spirits with hints of Rental / Leer / Potter and Foxx all spirited away in the wax. Crafted with the kind of lo-fi minimalist electronics that should loosely engage with the folk of Polytechnic Youth, Woodford Halse and Buried Treasure, Negative Response’s sounds harks to an era populated by a sparse experimentation straight out of the Factory and DinDisc sound houses. As said more later, for now though, the small question of ‘time after time’ – not the Lauper hit I hasten to add, but a track culled from their later period, this one dating around ’84 comes teased in a simplistic bitter sweet radiance that on first appearance might well seem a little glum not to mention shadowy, yet scratch away at its DIY isolationism and a coolly coalesced vibe more remnant of a youthful Passage peels itself away.

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