heroin in tahiti

Apologies to Boring Machines, this one slipped below the net earlier this year, a collection of lost tracks from the wonderfully understated and criminally overlooked Heroin in Tahiti. Gathered up under the collective title ‘Casilina Tapes 2010 -2016’, we eyed on sound cloud the mooching mantra ‘Zziggurat Tempesta’. Described in passing by the labels tags as ‘Italian occult psychedelia’, it’s a description none too far off the mark, for here what occurs is a brooding beauty with the ability to fix you with a long dare stare, this slice of kaleidoscopically kosmick kool once heard, forms tiny little earworms that burrow insidiously deep into your consciousness, hints of John Barry and Henry Mancini spirit away in its desert dry vapour-esque hazes, its space spy twang noir ghosted deliciously forging a deeply immersive and hypnotic Spaghetti western astral. https://soundcloud.com/boringmachines/heroin-in-tahiti-zziggurat-tempesta

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