those with a keen eye for these type of things, might well recognize the name House of Daggers from a recent Woodford Halse tape compilation, incidentally titled ‘undulating waters I’ – indeed due to a moment of laptop belligerence the house of daggers mention found itself relegated on the stand alone side lines which in case you missed it is here – – anyhow, a message from Dave – who we’re assuming is the main mindset behind H/O/D kindly sent us a note through Facebook, which aside destroying any speculation or theories concerning us not responding to such requests, alerted us to a newly peeled cut with further tracks to come. This then is ‘Octopi’ a track culled, from what we can gather, a future full length by the name ‘bngfy’. Smoked and smoldered, ‘Octopi’ channels the kind of mind warping / expanding ambient / soft techno terrains, one time a trademark of those extended breezeblock sessions that used to grace the airwaves courtesy of selected guest musicians appearing on the Mary Ann Hobbs schedules in the late 90’s, House of Daggers take up their observational post somewhere between a super chilled Future Sound of London and a shadow lite Biosphere. The sounds primed for nocturnal listening cook a deeply immersive webbing that weaves elements of down tempo, dub step and trip hop into its minimalist fabric along the way drawing in distressed Detroit techno orphans whilst fixing an affectionate eye in the direction of a plethora of musical distractions veering from Casino vs Japan, Wagon Christ and Chris Home’s Christ.    

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