keiron phelan

I’m sure Mr Phelan’s album dropped into our in box earlier today, had I the wherewithal and patience I’d go and check right now, however such is our laptops pitiful response time that by the time we had acquired said information it would be very dark and February. So in the meantime, while we prepare to tinker about with its innards with a rusty spanner and sharp pliers, we’ll have to settle for now with a dinky little two tracker he released a week or three ago via the thought absent without leave Gare du Nord imprint. This is the distractively infectious ‘Satellite Hitori’ which unless I’m very much mistaken has in tow a starry suitcase packed to the seams with floral posies, orbital carousels, flute (or some form of woodwind – a clarinet perhaps) flotillas, seaside organs, an irrefutable whiff of the 80’s and here I’m thinking the great Captain as in Sensible and a kissably cutely kooky pop tug, did we mention the dreamy arpeggios, all makes for a breezily dreamy moment to step out of the madness of life and just drift away. Over on the flip, remix of the same cut – goes by the name ‘Tanegashima Space Center Mix‘ – which on initial meeting is metered with a monochromatic ghosting that soon deliciously disperses, in its place a summery bronze forms with the procession of piping trumpets and dissipating motifs crafting between them a wonderfully laid back watching the clouds float by slice of sea breezing tropicalia. Resistance is pretty pointless .

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