twenty one crows feat. mary hampton

An unearthly fog, the gentle roll of an ancient boat, the uttering of forgotten incantations, what can it all mean. Perhaps a ghostly folk hymnal lost to memory and time. Maybe a prayer for the missing soured seductively in a ghostly traditional Irish folk seasoning whereupon a deeply melancholic conversation is unfurled between the village folk and the voice of the sea, here portrayed by Mary Hampton. It’s a most mesmeric offering, somewhat dulled and tear stained, yet expressed in an intricate craft whose tapestry is one which has been woven and handed down through countless generations. This be ‘the shores of Australia’ a track, one of three in fact, featured on a limited lathe release pressed up by the 345rpm folk and imminent through endless by Twenty One Crows. It’s something that’s sure to ring an adoring nod from those of you admiring the much missed Hobby Horse imprint blessed as it is with a richly beguiling, though hitherto bruised, vintage. Over on the flip, awaits the lulling love note ‘all down through the years’ again another cut cooled in sweet melancholia, a tale of love through the separation of war beautifully daisy chained in the dinked cascade of a fire lit campfire hymnal, crushing in a word. ‘these blue. Bloodied skies’ here incorrectly titled ‘these blue, boodied skies’ which I must admit had us a tad puzzled and scrambling for the dictionary. A ghostly apparition to bade the set farewell and something touched with a sweet eerie that had us recalling Set Fire to Flame and more noticeably, the Black Heart Procession. Recommended.

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