alison cotton

heading out shortly via a collaborative undertaking between Cardinal Fuzz and Feeding Tube records where it’ll appear on limited issue vinyl, this is Left Outside’s Alison Cotton on solo duties with ‘all is quiet at the ancient theatre’. Originally appearing on the Bloxham tape imprint where demand and word of mouth has been such that its currently on its third edition pressing. Hopefully, time allowing and downloads acquired, we’ll be back with this for a full appraisal. For now, we’ve been a tad smitten with the parting shot ‘a tragedy in the tithe barn’. An enchanting though nonetheless melancholic visitation, ‘a tragedy in the tithe barn’ is crafted in the old ways, a ghost lit folk hymnal cursed to play out its mourn on a nightly loop when all is at rest  The trees, the night glowed breeze and the very land itself swaying, swirling and sighing in collective sadness amid the moon turning twilight mists whereupon a dark dance of despair plays out to the cruel choreography of saddened strings and the immaculate intervention of a crying choral. One for admirers of both the Hare and the Moon and Preterite.

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