analogue electronic whatever

Can’t think of the last time I had so much fun with an album. Literally just dropped into our in box, a full length titled ‘since year dot’ by the excellently named Analogue Electronic Whatever. Now you can be sure a full review will be cobbled and posted before the week closes. Before then to whet your appetite, two sure fire slices of infectiousness that’ll guarantee these dudes breezily ducking under your defences and into your affection. There’s no denying that Analogue Electronic Whatever are marooned somewhere between 1979 and 1981, there’s so much sonic coincidence afoot here that any references sound wise, have somewhat put us in touch with our younger mid teen self. Kooky, krooked and koolly kitsch, there’s a nostalgic presence here whose pop toned brightness grates with an at odds opposite positioning to the new age minimalist electronic troupes trading upon the cold wave / cold war fringes. As said two tracks by way of a hello hi how are you starting with opener ‘electric car’ – a kind of bright eyed funk cooled cyborg body popper that hints of the dance futurism lines carved out by late 70’s electro pioneers Space and then sent on a Dusseldorf-ian conveyor belt for added Kraftwerk trims, that said you can’t help suspecting that in reality, they’ve picked the pockets Karl Bartos’ ‘off the record’. Equally adored and on repeat play right now, I’ll have you know, the insanely infectious new waving ‘Mickey’s on Drugs’ for all its zig-zagging zaniness sounds the work of mad scientists having taken out Lene Lovich’s creativity head space and transplanted it into a secret synth supergroup converging around the devilishly daft and deranged talents of a ‘terminal jive’ / No 1 in heaven’ era Sparks and the criminally underappreciated Landscape.

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