gabe knox

pencilled in for pre Yuletide retro-ism, the folk over at Polytechnic Youth are currently colouring, polishing and finalising the final production processes for a compilation collection going by the name ‘popcorn lung’. The set features a plethora of newly peeled aural attractions, some names familiar – polypores, Australian testing labs inc, detox twins, karen novotny x and XAM Duo whose much sought after ‘tisch tennis’ whose appearance is here by way of repeat requests from folk having missed its limited split pressing for a specially commissioned RSD 2017 outing (with the Au Fait) in conjunction with Norman Records. Anyway, enough of the wittering, this is the opening track of the collection, by Toronto based sound alchemist Gabe Knox, ‘look & listen’ takes its cue from Gershom Kingsley’s electronic pop eternal ‘popcorn’ before distractively manoeuvring so that it finds itself in an alignment that converges with the orbital trajectory of both Dialectric and Tomorrow Syndicate. It’s something irrefutably cut with ridiculously catchy pop precision, a lost echo from an electronic pop golden age tailored in kosmische futurism and motored by pulsing motorik engineering.  


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