tomorrow syndicate

Alas no sound files on this. You may or indeed, more likely the case, may not recall that I promised on a vague posting late yesterday that we’d just had a new track by Tomorrow Syndicate drop by into our in box. No fanfare, no notes and little in the way of information – read nothing – to accompany its arrival. A rough cut, okay demo, of a possible future happening spiralling into our time line going by the name ‘Captain, I am fading’. Further enquiries revealed something of a transmission malfunction, seems the file had been jettisoned in error, a very early sound sketch which to us, appeared perfect as it was. ‘Captain, I am fading’ is bleakly beautiful, a distress call lost to time and space, a sonic shuttle flung into the cosmic abandon, a last transmission sent forth with fading hope, a journey’s end orphaned to the stars and the eternal eerie, alone, adrift and annexed from friends, family and civilisation. An celestial epitaph. Crushing.           

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