puce mary

tripped across this whilst mooching casually around the backwaters of sound cloud, an unearthing of ‘dissolve’. A track culled from a full length set ‘the drought’ through PAN by Puce Mary. Now this is dark not to mention menacing, putting you in a place where quite frankly given the choice you really wouldn’t venture, a place not so much cold and alien, but abandoned, a wasteland of eerie nothingness where your only companion is the echoing terror of your deepest fears magnified to a terror setting unravelling psychosis. remote, haunted and hollowed in a shadowy solemn, Puce Mary utilises an array of industrial and power electronic weaponry to forge a deeply unsettling and macabre mosaic that murmurs with disquieting dread. Approach with due care. https://soundcloud.com/pan_hq/puce-mary-dissolve-pan-87

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