the cleaners from venus

there’s something of a melancholic haloing attaching to the delicately weaved crystalline soft psych caress of ‘dandy on the circle line’. A cut culled from the newly peeled full length by the Cleaners from Venus titled ‘life in a time machine’, a casual affair all said, which if we remember to, we will aim to return to for fuller investigation in the coming days. For now, as advertised previously, ‘dandy on the circle line’ captures a nostalgic yet hitherto, sorrowing Autumnal aura to its becoming bow that’s hollowed with a vulnerability and reflective ache that at once recalls instantly, the likes of Paddy McAloon / Prefab Sprout c . ‘Andromeda Heights’ and Nick Nicely. Yet scratch away at its breezy rain swept seaside promenade prettiness and the wallowing piano flutters that mask its hurt at the finale and here you’ll find a rare artistry radiating through the sighs that resonate with the same pristine pop precision as that befalling platters by the criminally overlooked Beaulieu Porch.  

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