walt thisney

we really have our work cut out for the next few days, seriously so many impeccable releases to wade through, were bumping into nuggets at every turn, this is in fact being a case in point. I can’t recall for certain whether we mentioned the last instalment of Bedroom Cassette Masters incredible series of vault digging retro electronica, my memory says we did in passing with Volume 9 having dropped late last year. Now wading through its considerable track listing – among the gems where lurked familiar favourites such as own brand, Anton Barbeau, carrillion, panamint manse and negative response, you might recall, tucked at the end, a track by Walt Thisney, a Portugal based sound artist with a cut called ‘the city becomes a forest’. Where is this leading, I hear you grumble, well by an accidental stumbling, we found ourselves loosely gravitating towards Walt Thisney’s band camp page having been linked by another artist. Good fortune and timing we’s like to think, because he’s literally just posted a new track that’s available for free download going by the name ‘entropia’. At once as touching and tender as it is elegant and enchanting, ‘entropia’ is framed by a frail and fragile classicist toning, the melancholic murmurs of the delicately intimate key touching and the sighing string arrangements exact a lonesome, somewhat reflective neglect that sorrowfully opines amid a beautifully bruising sepia framing. https://walthisney.bandcamp.com/album/thisness          


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