not quite sure how on earth this one escaped the net earlier in the year, well we do but we don’t want a re-run of the ill health discussion, thank you. After a handful of well heeled and dare I say, utterly adored outings for the esteemed Static Caravan imprint, TVAM it seems, have in recent months sneaked out a debuting full length while our backs were turned. So while we track it down, for no doubt, turntable testing and ear listening fondness, a little treat in the shape of the title track ‘psychic data’. In short, a mind morphing motorik that superbly blends and warps the divides between kosmische, psych and club land and with it crafts a pulsing future gazing Moroder like mesmeric mirror ball ripped in hypno-grooves and the kind of coolly coded bliss bathed boogie rarely heard around since the days of Ultra Vivid Scene as were, as though holding a pre-trance Shamen in a tight headlock. Ultra-cool.

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