gabriel family

Now admittedly, we’ve only had a brief chance to sample the delights of a small handful of the gems currently keeping themselves well hidden on, what we assume to be, a debut full length from the Gabriel Family. This one is heading out of the Carmelite sound house, the same folk responsible for the issue of those finely crafted psych pop nuggets by Beaulieu Porch. In fact, I’m fairly certain the Beaulieu one is across this in some shape or form. Anyhow, the album goes by the title ‘sumershireland’ and provides a wonderfully wayward though ostensibly wistful bucolic bouquet that’s lushly dimpled in lazily turned lilts and pastoral posies that yawn dreamily at times furrowing a psych tweaked pop path journeyed upon previously by the extended Elephant 6 Collective, case in point the affectionate arrest of ‘bees’ itself marooned sweetly upon a palette that recalls Ashley Parks while ‘dreece goulden’ is turned upon a sepia set kaleidoscopic glazing whose dissolving lineage owes to the likes of the pretty things, Floyd, Moody Blues and the Zombies. Whether by accident or design, indirect or direct, there are times when ‘sumershireland’ is blessed with the same creative upending of the type that greets the more melodically stable moments from the Cardiacs adored back catalogue, even the liner notes accompanying its arrival struggle to pin a generic tail on it, instead laying a few choice clues such as ‘upbeat, mystical, poetic, electric, optimistic, diverse, folky, psychedlical, poppy, weird, real and naively ambitious….’ preferring instead to leave it for the listener to pick the bones and decide for themselves. None more so is this better evidenced than on ‘GF Summersett’ which, with its ‘SF Sorrow’ tropes, superbly sprays a hybrid power pop peculiar laced in lysergics, school yard nursery rhymes and a fragmenting glam slouching while elsewhere, tucked at the finale, the parting ‘that’s all you need to know’ is awash in a delightfully unhinged gathering of wayward psychedelic eccentricity and kaleidoscopic wiriness that sits acutely somewhere between The Purple Gang and Gong.   

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