the heartwood institute

…. returning to the eerie realm that is the Heartwood Institute for their Halloween happening, a four track serving of supernatural chill, coldly gathered as the ‘All Hallows’ Eve’ visitation. Disturbia in abundance, the icy gloom descending without warning with immediate effect on the opening chalice of disquiet, ‘Witch Cults’ whereupon a dread ceremony of the lost, the cursed and the condemned rise in unison, a place where all points in time cross, the spectral atmospherics gloomed in a shadowy fracturing to macabrely forge a psychosis soaked displacement that tightens noose like with its claustrophobic grip. ‘All Hallows’ Eve’ mentioned here a little earlier in the week hollows with a grim grinning graven grace that suggests its been dragged from the dark depths of Carpenter’s locked sub consciousness. ‘the Susama ritual’ does little to ease the overwhelming sense of dislocation, pulsing with ice cold isolationism, this prowling monolith leers with unholy premeditated intent from the twilight apertures that separate the dimensions of reality and the beyond. ‘Dunwich’ draws the witching hour to deathly closure and lays the haunting to rest, a spectral spirit walker cast as a mind warping eerie etched in mysticism, melancholy and the ghostly touch of age old wrongs and deceits.      

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