listening center

the cause of a fair amount of panic around these here parts, mailing delays brought on by insert recuts and an unexpected no show here had left us fearing it’d been lost in the mail – following a spate of missing in delivery foul ups. Seriously, we were composing strong words in letter form to be posted to the complaints department but feared this might end up being delivered elsewhere. Panic over, for yesterday, the sun out bathing the garden in a crisp Autumnal glow and the arrival of a familiar looking package, had us much relieved and buoyed with an upbeat step to boot. The latest from Polytechnic Youth is to what we refer, a lathe cut 5 inch picture disc, very eye catching and dandy looking I must admit to saying in a limited hand numbered pressing of 111, ours in case you are taking notes being #27. Upon this fine looking press, two tracks from the Listening Center – namely – ‘kosmic 2’ and ‘T Group’, the former (if that is, we’ve gotten the sides rightly lined up) a lone star celestial hive mind spraying lovelorn signals in the cosmic dark, a wonderfully lulling slice of starry sighed pirouetting pageantry piloted upon an orbital waltz lost in a moment adoringly harnessed upon a sepia toned mesmeric music box motif. As said, assuming we’ve gotten the sides in correct alignment, this ‘un ought to ‘T Group’, one I suspect, ripe for low light seduction, this shy eyed nocturnal, (despite several false starts due to a few impromptu clicks, check stylus, dust and setting etc…. all okay – we kinda give up the ghost in the end, several aborted plays giving us more than enough of an idea what was occurring here) blends a curiously alluring fusion of laid back lounge dialects and the wistful whispering of bucolic dreaminess to its beautified bow. Certainly something that’ll easily find its kindred feet warming fondly next to your stash of more electronically spared KPM, Bruton and Chappel platters.

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