nathan hall and the sinister locals

A stop gap release of sorts while we wait for the album represses to arrive following a vinyl factory error in their quality control depot. Indeed, the very excellent ‘Tunguska Tydfil’ – the second solo full length from Nathan Hall and the Sinister Locals, is for now, slightly delayed, the wait I’m sure, worth it. Annoying as it is, by way of recompense, a new four track CD that features two tracks culled from said set and a brace of newly peeled cuts from the same sessions, till now unreleased. ‘carnival of the damned’ and ‘St David’s bed and breakfast blackout disaster’ (the latter, annoyingly brief as it is, peppered in a peculiar odd pop eccentricity) provide the collections familiar eerie, both ushered with an oddly out of step surreal about them, of course I should say we do so love the journeyman vibe attaching to Mr Hall’s crooked collages, a watcher sailing on the waves of the ages collecting devilish and dastardly tales of ne’er do activities from alternate histories drawn in from myth and legend. Of the two unreleased treats, ‘the secretly seething mutinous thoughts of a seemingly mild mannered man’ here in its home demo variant, is a rustic wanderer with hints of Hitchcock – that’ll be Robyn then all intricately weaved amid a subtle seafaring ghost shanty motif. Which all said, leaves the disarming ‘lightning bolts come out of my eyes’ to draw matters to cosy closure though not before spraying your listening space in a radiant fusion of wonky campfire psychedelia mosaics and a sun blissed countrified pop pristine.

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