sky high diamonds

nabbed this off the face book page of Mat Handley – see Pulselovers, you the night and the music, woodford halse – in a rare moment of  ‘what can I do for you now?’ laptop willingness, it happens, seldom sadly, but happens all the same. This is Sky High Diamonds, who, just between you and me, might well prove to be our new found musical obsession, certainly up there with Klaudyna at least. Sorry to say, we haven’t as yet resourced ourselves enough to get past the parting shot ‘over your bones’ from her recently released digital set of the same name, which I guess all means there’ll be a plethora of revisits between now and whenever. Again another release whose liner notes annoyingly write their own review – herewith ‘….. Over Your Bones feels the urgency for ritualistic medication, a spiritual and religious synthesis connecting with shadowy beats and inviting rhythms, where the voice emerges as an essential tool for provocations of prayer, chant and incantation’.  I mean where do you go after that? Sky High Diamonds, whilst nicking all the relevant descriptors in the liner notes, does miss one key fact, that being that she appears to occupy a space or at least veers into a slip stream where exists the equally talented and amorphous alchemist Jodie Lowther – a new Quimper set just out has long been on the to review to do list. Darkly dreamy, indeed mesmeric, this hypnotic hallucinogen pulses and purrs with an oddly demurring fixed stare, its looped monochromatic setting transmitting an eerie skin changing diet of the haunting and the spectral yet hitherto the dreamy and the serene through a curiously alluring gothic / monastic chilled choral hybrid.  In short, unworldly, more to come of that you can be rest assured.

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