Adderall Canyonly

Arriving slightly earlier than even the polytechnic youth camp expected it seems, originally pencilled for December activity, a new one from Adderall Canyonly of which annoyingly, had we been able to lay our hands on the press release, (gone roaming just when you need it – ahem), we been dazzling your eyes with oodles of fantastic happenings and other such. Still, we have the sounds and that’s what counts for AC navigate in currencies stretching further back into the ancestry of electronica to a sci-fi sourced silver age rooted at the very genesis of BBC’s legendary Radiophonic Workshop. Teaser taster ‘on and on and on’ especially finding itself fully acquainted with the strange world environs and abstract audio collages created by the likes of the Tristram Cary, Daphne Oram and Louise n’ Bebe Barron all here as though whisked through the weird scope of Add N to X. the Add N to X DNA is more pronounced across the Martian marching‘b5 the b4’, an ominous fanfare of pulsing intent trimmed upon a lock looping mesmeric monochrome dusting hinting of subtle Sonic Boom influences. The album incidentally is titled ‘museum of fire’, limited pressing through PY – so you know what that means.

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