rw hedges

Second out from the wonderfulsound bunker, the first in a specially collated series of subscription singles, these arriving at bi-monthly intervals by the looks of things, club membership fees in a choice of monthly or annual subs. As said, heading up this limited issue series, a twin set from R W Hedges, both tracks of which, ‘best laid plans’ and ‘signalman’ you can sample to your hearts content on the labels band camp preview player. in truth, you’d have trouble pushing a cigarette paper between the two in terms of picking a favourite, the former smoked with a lazy eyed aura that creaks with a porch lit rocking chair casual, its lolloping countrified tingle stoking a glowing campfire where sits June Panic. sounding as though it’s dropped from a 60’s Meek recording session, ‘Signalman’ comes cut from a pristine pop pruning subtly seasoned with echoes of Del Shannon and the Everly’s with a smidgeon side serving of Michael Shelley for good measure all sumptuously cast upon a dreamy seafaring mellowness. does it for us.  

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