creeping cinquefoil

Back with Buried Treasure for their musical birthday card celebrating 5 years of cool. We touched on this a few days ago, a compilation no less featuring a selection of nuggets drawn from their irrefutably eclectic sounds vaults, CD’s coming accompanied by specially designed coasters designed by the legendary Nick Taylor. The set, entitled ‘creeping cinquefoil’, gathers together twenty such gems that collectively showcase the labels diversity in sound, an impish array of the library set and the lounge cool mixed up with the leery and lilting whilst fused and populated with curios drawn from the outer spheres of psych, electronica and junk funk, its such a mixed bag that easily identifies it as happily sitting somewhere between the equally adored finders keepers and trunk sound houses. So, picking things up from where we left them last time – see we resume the taking of the baton with Hurst feat. Neil Cowley and a remodelled variant of ‘I See’ here re-toked by Revbjelde. a nifty slice of lights lowered discoid jazz funk that sounds as though its fallen through some time fracture from the late 70’s, smoking studio 54 echoes, in truth reminiscent of a chin stroking Shakatak under the influence of Herbie Hancock, stick this on and count the seconds before toes start to tap. one of the labels most celebrated achievements, was the securing of rights to release a batch of previously unheard finds from the Alan Sutcliffe estate. released on cassette in a strictly limited pressing of just 50 copies, ‘EMS synthi AKS improv’ was one of those rare dot joining moments that paid an overdue nod to one of electronica’s behind the scene undiscovered and unrecognised talents. ‘BE – ANN2’ recorded in the early 70’s is a primitive echo to the 50’s golden age of sound pioneering that utilizes samples, tape cut ups and frequency manipulations to stark and oblique effect that forges a sonic triangle between Schaeffer, Cary and the Barron’s. Revbjelde feature several times on this collection, no surprise there given that they could be loosely described as the labels in house band, featuring as they do among their ranks, the labels head honcho, Mr Gubby. last time out we made mention of their immaculate ‘Brigantia Lufian (For Albion)’ and their collaboration with Dolly Dolly, up next an Assembled Minds re-drill of ‘buccaboo’ here rephrased with a tripping though hitherto subtle folk gothique phrasing that had us here imagining a super chilled Add N to X while somewhere else you’ll find the new wave agitant ‘another fake production’ wirily squirreling to a high tension line psychosis charm effect. Another well heeled find for the label was the unearthing of underground sounds from behind the Iron Curtain as was, a network of musicians, artists and creatives falling foul of the watchful eye of the Bear, their existence and art surviving by word of mouth, one of the scene’s leading lights, one Yuri Morozov, released a plethora of albums, unaware and free from outside influence due to the Soviet’s blanket ban on western culture populism, his style and craft fermented in deep isolation and with it incorporated, whether by happy accident or design, a strangely freaky mixing pot of jazz, funk, stoner and stir crazy far out ju-ju, the earth beat chamber voodoo of ‘Algamaguma’ no doubt providing a fore runner of the sonic anthropological journeys of Volcano the Bear while ‘secret angels’ is just pure psych mysticism that ought to find a keen ear among those Dungen loving folk among you. I must admit, I’ve regrettably missed Tongues of Fires first time of asking, how did this happen we puzzle and wonder, two tracks here ‘gather the winds’ and ‘lion’ both come smoked with an intoxicating jazz noir serene that had us of a mind to go seeking out our stash of L’Augmentation and Bablicon platters for close comparison with ‘lion’ in particular, here rescored by the Jung Collective kissed with a scatty John Lurie vibing twisted sumptuously with elements of Terry Edwards for good measure. from the recent essential ‘moodsetters’ set, Jim Lawless steps up to the plate with the spy noir cocktail cool of ‘tribal warfare’ which if anything ought to serve as a perfect partner in crime to that recent Trunk ‘spiderman’ set, then it’s a brace of rare treats from the vaults of the legendary Radiophonicer John Baker, ‘the ice cream man’ a coolly stark slice of chambertronics etched in all manner of shadow toned spectral disconnects while in sharp contrast, ‘the Sugar Man’ resorts to a lighter sound extraction to incorporate a delightfully wiggy floorshow of jazz jams and a smoky snake charming dance of flute florets. rustling about in the backwaters of, what might be loosely passed off as chill toned analogue hauntology / radiophonica, the Dandelion Set’s ‘redherringbone’ – a spoken word apparition framed in waltzing orbs of orbital kosmische, something I’m gathering that ought to appeal to the Polytechnic Youth community. piloting the bleak passages of dystopian futures whilst etched in ice frosted analogue accents, Radionic Radio’s ‘frequency cluster’ is cooled with a vintage ghosting of Cluster-esque personas as were retuned and calibrated by White Noise. released earlier this year, Jeffrey Siedler’s ‘logic formations’ set was an ear candy collection of dream drifted dissipates inspired by the EMS Spectrum Video Synthesizer, herewith the title track, a star lit symphony sumptuously drawing the dots from old school 50’s sci-fi-tronic mosaics to the oceanic inner spaces cultivated by the likes of Plaid and Future Sound of London, which all leaves Sammy Burdson & John Fiddy’s ‘Spaces In Time’ to take matters to the end groove and in the process gracing the listening spaces with some divinely demurred classicist cool whose alluring arrangements glow seductively to a Sakamoto tailoring.    


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