We here are suckers for Christmas records, can’t get enough of them. Oh sure we kick and rail against the silly season but deep down we are children at heart. And when I say we love Christmas records, I don’t mean the turkeys that masquerade with false merriment heading out of the majors whose sole purpose it would seem is to suck you dry of any residual yuletide spirit by way of their crass 5 minute pop star spun dirges all of which you’ll find fearfully shoehorned on some ghastly ‘now that’s what I call Christmas’ punishment. No, instead we long for the days of those naughty but nice Filthy Little Angels festive romps or those essential punked up power pop sorties that used to fly out of the Cherryade record factory. We could mention more and probably ought to, but you know who you are and no doubt in the next few weeks we’ll hopefully be featuring you all in some form or other (cue the avalanche of festive record emails). Which all leads to this little cutie, our first Christmas release of the year just ordered, well we couldn’t resist the snow tipped cartoon sleeve, the jukebox style vinyl or holly green colour pressing. By Khruangbin who we’ve absolutely no clue about and heading out through the night time stories imprint, a bit pricey mind, this is ‘Christmas time is here’ – a sleepy headed slice of south pacifica exotica unless I’m very much mistaken, very chilled and spacey in a kind of cosy lounge Superimposers type way where of course it happened that they were piloting a serene sleigh to the Monsterism Islands, disarming and dreamy which all said does it for us.


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