the corrupting sea

First of two outings from the Corrupting Sea that’ll be getting a listening overhaul these next few days, ‘ghosts’ due to appear on Aural Canyon we’ll pick up later in the week, for now though, imminent on the immaculate Cathedral Transmissions imprint, ‘Godless’. As you might have gathered already, armed with the knowledge that its heading out of the Cathedral Transmissions sound house, ‘Godless’ emerges from out of the ambient side of the Corrupting Sea hive mind, a quietly epic sub 43 minute slice of what might be best described, celestial contact. A listening experience one suspects, greatly enhanced through the close intimacy of head phones, that way you can truly appreciate the expansive symphonic contours and curvatures at play within. A softly defrosting lunar event as were, both stately and grand, its dream draped dissipates and whispering drone tones are tailored in a fragile ice sculpturing, whereupon to the turn and tease of intricately weaved micro sounds, the merest tremble, tremor and shimmer are softly absorbed into its glacial like momentum. Through its ice formed stillness it gently defrosts, in many respects it is akin to a passing herald on approach assuming ecliptic formation, the suite seemingly divided into three phases – the ascendancy, the arrival and the passing, its all deeply mesmeric and transcendental more so, spiritual as you find yourself cocooned in a sweet airless serene amid whose celestial tethering, adoring ripples of ethereal euphoria weave in and out like occasional apparitions and then it’s gone, passed on and its wake a reverential silence descends to bathe you in a warming brilliantine glow.

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