magic shoppe

fairly certain we’ve mentioned Magic Shoppe in passing previously, if we check later and find we haven’t then we’ll don the specially prepared sack cloth one-sy whilst hastily assembling the bad of nails flat pack kit. Now, yes I’m aware its been out for ages and that you’re all sick to the back teeth of it, having just finished treatment for hallucinogenic flashbacks brought to bear by repeat plays of their ‘In Parallel’ opus for Cardinal Fuzz / Little Clouds, but hey who cares especially when something as colossal and mind morphing as ‘fuckstrated’ veers into listening space. This is the point where kaleidoscopically induced psych white out meets dream draped bliss kissed shoegaze full on, a mind rearranging euphoria rush that imagines some secret studio summit meeting gathering together a ‘loveless’ era My Bloody Valentine, a youthful Ride and the shade adorned cool of John Moore (and the Expressway). Any questions?

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