night heron

Wish I could remember from where or how we came to arrive here at this little cutie. Those of you feeling that you’d prefer to take a little break and step out from the noise and confusion of life might be minded to sample the warming drift dinked dissipates of Night Heron. On a  ‘name your price’ deal, we’ve found ourselves a tad smitten with the lazily spun breeziness of this quietly unassuming 6 track extended play nugget going by the name ‘might be lost’, in particular the cuts ‘lying too’ and ‘no one cares’. The minute the sound of the tumbling chords tingle and twinkle into formation from ‘lying too’ you’re already caught in its net disarmed and mesmerised by its genteel lilt and somewhat lost in its own space carefreeness which on reflection had us of a mind to go out in search of our prized Goodnight Lenin platters of yore. The gem here though is ‘no one cares’, something that ought to appeal to those much admiring of Scott William Urquhart, the intricately picked riff ripples etching an old country haloing not to mention a homely porch lit glow whose woozy sunburned campfire harmonising saddles up with a caressing cosiness that could easily sit between the Low Anthem and the Summer Hymns.

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