Some seasonal disquiet I hear you ask, happily Aetheric records can be relied upon to fulfil the requirements of those whose festive listening isn’t all baubles, tinsel and jolly ho-ho greetings. This be black_ops with ‘delirium’, an 8 track strong  collection of isolationist gouged subterranean terror forms. These deathly chilled apparitions watch from the shadows and wake when all is asleep. They walk your nightmares and feed on your fears. They are the sound of nothing, only echoes of your own psychosis and dread (something never more so evidenced perfectly here than on the parting ‘mother’s day’ – a harrowing chamber toned epitaph graven and grieved in regret and loss). ‘Delirium’ presents a macabre feature land, hollowed and haunted in lifeless desolation, these drone disfigurations scratching at the deepest depths of your hidden psyche, the best moment or at least, the most disturbed, being ‘nightterror’ as it channels, what might well be rightly described as, the inner sanctum of Muslim Gauze’s more darker persona.

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