the love coffin

With its oh so subtle blend of gun smoked western mosaics and desert dry opines, a beautiful bruising emerges from the forlorn fog of this dusted down desperado ‘concrete foreign shores’. The parting track of the Love Coffins’ debut full length ‘cloudlands’ through both the ever cool bad\afro and the French based third coming imprint. As though marooned in a forgotten Sergio Leonne screenplay updated by a youthful Alex Cox, there’s a wound licking last man standing resolve burning away here, an arid apparition cut coolly with a Meek-esque haunting from its nostalgic glow the hazy silhouette of a spectral spirit walker emerges, upon its parched palette the sun scorched howling atmospheric fanfare of Love like dissipates smoulder and smoke amid the haloing of crooning riffs and a to the death duelling dance.   

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