the fellowship of hallucinatory voyagers

As ever time poor these days, which means we will be returning at some point in the near future back to this one, for now though a little heads up on a forthcoming essential from the Sendelica community. Due after the festive frivolities, the second coming of the Fellowship of the Hallucinatory Voyagers in the shape of ‘tenderness avalanche’ finds Sendelica’s chief Mr Bingham taking time out and assembling an all star cast of similar minded folk to join him on a trip traversing deep into the inner space of the mind. Its typically bonged out and hitherto more mellow than the more stoner minded sounds of his primary charges, we for our sins finding ourselves fixated and spellbound by the parting title track which had we not known any better, might have guessed was the work of some forgotten late night studio dalliance between Floyd and Embryo. With its ambient colouring, a nod to classic era Tangerine Dream and sultrily smoked wind augmentation not to mention curvaceous viola and cello trimmings, a deeply mesmeric astral jazz mosaic is forged, both trippy and transcendental, its blissing of cosmic pastorals fixed upon mystic tweaked garlands adores it with a spaciously airless dream like palette both romantically cooled and perfected for late night lights lowered appreciation.

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