alone in the woods

latest to the Burning Witches roster, numbers limited and decreasing fast, the self-titled ‘Alone in the Woods’ appearance arrives pressed on forest burst coloured vinyl, that’ll be swirly green and white to you and me. Much lighter in both aspect and musicality than the previously mentioned Thomas Ragsdale gloom trooper, Alone in the Woods craft a beautifully alluring symphonic portrait both willowy and wild, rustic orchestrations that demur, dance and delight in some hitherto twilight magic land. Amid its colourfully spring heeled tapestry a harvesting of pastoral posies, ancestral folk echoes and eerily beautified ghost dance mirages serenade and seduce with equal alluring measure to even arrest with Chamber baroque poise and classicist caress to even radiantly alight the grooves of ‘woods funeral’ with an adoring spectral sighing.

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