This ‘un comes prized from the latest Vukovar full length (their sixth I believe) entitled ‘Monument’. Admittedly, this has long been on the back burner to much annoyance, so apologies to Rick and co for the inexcusable delays, an omission that will be remedied in the coming days. Anyhow, the set features a guest appearance by Michael Cashmore and finds the Vukovar folk ever more channelling the backwaters of classic post punk, into the bargain pristinely distilling and nailing down perfectly the whole Northern overcoat vibe of the day with much crafted aplomb. So while we sort our backside from elbow, as an interim teaser here’s a moving picture show for ‘little Gods’. Not wishing to stick our necks out too far, would we be right in surmising that Vukovar might well be the heir apparent to Joy Division’s vacant throne for there’s a chilling monochrome bite here that chimes to the isolationist weary of Curtis cutting deep with frustrated menace here. Don’t be deceived by the seemingly playful chiming chinks that adore this twisted and alienated dark star, beneath there’s a claustrophobic tightening unpicking away assuming a toxic shock psychosis that calls to mind both the shadowy defiant stubborn of Artery and Red Lorry Yellow Lorry aligned with the anthemic grace fall of the Chameleons.

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