Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin

And with the mere mention of Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin (see Midwich Youth Club), a new moving picture appears on our viewing radar. Now I’ll admit that, what with all the health woes nonsense that have bedevilled normal services this year, that we’ve somewhat been a little distracted in recent times, the result of which meaning that Ms MacPumpkin’s much anticipated and long looked forward to ‘I left my heart in uncanny valley’ has somehow annoyingly slipped beneath our radar. It’s an oversight that we’ll do our best to remedy over the course of the next few weeks. In the meantime, a new video to accompany the track ‘Tic-Toc (Clockwork)’ has found itself on loop play here, in equal measures puzzling and playful, it’s nice to see the MacPumpkin trademark abstract surrealism still in tact with the acutely warped Residents like impishness crookedly charming the grooves. I think it’s fair to say that Ms MacPumpkin operates in her own unique sound space, a hermetically sealed playground located on the fringes between dream, fairy tale and acid flashbacks, more so a warped and woozy Wizard of Oz wonderland to some or a kookily fried kaleidoscopic trip to others. And so to ‘Tic-Toc (Clockwork)’, ridiculously infectious though disturbingly childlike in a creep show type way, there’s a casual zaniness here intruding on this bizarro tale of oddball tech love as it prowls and purrs with peculiar precision primed perfection.   

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