mikah wilson

a little odd and a tad disconcerting to be listening to summer jangle when all outside is a-shivering in an autumnal grey, but sunny pop it is and of the highest vintage I must hasten to add. Now this (and don’t get any ideas mind) popped up on our twitter feed, so I’m assuming it’s a fairly recent addition to the you are the cosmos stable following, I think I’m right in saying, an appearance earlier in the year (obviously during a more suited summer time) via Burger or one of its affiliated friends. Anyhow, enough of the waffle, this is Mikah Wilson with the quite stupidly infectious ‘Summer Grooves’. An adorably purring popsicle cutely harnessed upon a spectral Spector like tethering though awkwardly simplified sounding in a moonlighting Bacharach and David way, all honeyed harmonies, chirping keys, blossoming brass fanfares, sugary coos and softly spun sprays of effervescence, all more than enough I suspect to give you sun burn and an affectionate itchy rash.    

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