one of the great unsung ensembles of the 90’s, nearly men Levitation were so far ahead of the curve they were out of sight, led by Terry Bickers, his post House of Love antidote, the band had it all – cinematic dynamics, lushly crush sonics and melodies purred in endless dream pools of bliss. Out of step with the prevailing grunge set, the withdrawing and unravelling Madchester scene and oncoming Brit Pop tidal wave, Levitation where tagged and bagged as progressive in an age where anything prog was consigned to sniggering ridicule, perhaps sharing a more common ancestry with the Ptolemaic Terrascope community than the fussy anything in Camden carrying a guitar cover sensationalising NME, nearest markers probably being the young cutting their teeth Porcupine Tree but without the unfairly levelled haunt of the Floyd neurosis’. Shift along 25 years for the unearthing of the three track ‘never odd or even’ EP, the tracks originally part of the ‘meanwhile gardens’ sessions, (the bands shelved second full length from ’93 following their implosion resulting from Bickers walking out), never quite made 2015’s vault find vinyl issue via flashback. On limited 12 inch press, the three track EP reveals the full range, depth and sonic styling of their considerable palette, three tracks as previously noted opening with the title cut ‘never odd or even’. Replete with the trademark statuesque footings, ‘never odd or even’ snakes seductively amid a chorus line of chiming showers and the adoring of flickering flotillas of homely tones a glowed with a softly ascending stratospheric jubilance all traced in a hushed tenderness. An altogether differing beast and something that steps backwards to the overt and intricately weaved rock signatures found gouging their debuting full length platter, the storm warring ‘greymouth’ is finitely cut with a ravaged mythical etching, for here within its intense prism, natures very elements scowl to rise in battle formation to conspire an epic wasteland. All said, best of the set is the parting smoulder toned ‘going faster’, intimately woven, tenderly hushed and seductively caressed with a mellowing soft burn lilt, this delicately whispered love note is steeled with a quietly majestic aspect that’s sighed with a crushed elegance trimmed with a withdrawing bruising.  

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