possum moods

Maybe not intentional or deliberate, but there’s a whiff of homeliness attaching to Possum Moods’ utterly disarming ‘captain’ that suggests apt listening for the oncoming seasonal festivities. Cooled with a softly affectionate smokiness and cured with a woody mellowness I’m minded to say that had you been afflicted with sleepless nights wondering what a gathering of Belle and Sebastian and Pavement types might whittle out amid the glow of a cheery after hours studio get together, then this nails it. Plucked from the bands third album ‘Northern Times’ via the ever perfect and precocious Emotional Response imprint (more from whom later), ‘Captain’ delicately tugs away at your defences nonchalantly possessed of the kind of slow burn effervescence that sneaks up on your blind side to tenderly take you by hand on a willowy and lulling voyage that’s daubed in a softly peeling sleepy headed feel good porch lit radiance. In short blissfully beautiful.


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