the wizard of wardle

Talking of folklore tapes, the latest to their desirable roster of releases, an ultra-limited cassette from (we at least believe) the Wizard of Wardle entitled ‘the Queen of the Well (a Faerie tale)’ that much we do know. Just sixty of these in circulation and sure to sell fast and become the obsession and fixture of online auctions, which from off it ‘The Queen of the Well (A Children’s Tale)’ has been sent ahead on scouting duties to imbue both a sense of the enchantment and the eerie. ‘the Queen of the Well’ is for all intent and purposes a play / a storybook, a recital of tales lost to legend and the fog of misinformation all wonderfully set to life by the weaving interplay of narration, song and symbolism, its arcane heraldic sonics dusted in magic and mystery are shimmered with spectral spirits lit brightly with the bracing brush of an attending school choir choral, dramatic and compelling all said.   

ps …. for those who miss the cassette – a vinyl with fully illustrated booklet will be arriving at the end of feb

Image of The Queen of the Well (A Faerie Tale) Cassette   


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