pye corner audio

Is it just me or do you find there’s a distinct lack of cold war electronic cuts serving the season, believe you me we have scoured the analogue terrains with our trusted rusty radar and diddly. What gives, do synths not do the silly season, perhaps they hibernate their chilly chipboards, who knows. That said, you can always count on Pye Corner Audio to pull the festive plugs, this years free to download ch-eerie being the ominously titled ‘Satan’s little helper’ – best described as ‘some dark portent approaching this way’, of course I jest, what first appears to be some dystopic future gazing soon recalibrates and emerges remodelled and bathed in a heavenly radiance that suggests its hypno-grooved hush hum be some jubilant celestial herald sent from a higher consciousness which amid its purring pulsars a distant though hitherto recognisable kinship is forged with Echoboy’s much adored ‘Scene 30’.

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